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By Nikkie van Leeuwen - February 2024

Just a few tips for styling your bedroom: a great starting point for styling your bedroom is determining the overall style you want to achieve. This initial decision will streamline choices for color schemes, furniture (if you're buying new), decor, and accessories. Having a clear vision of the desired look simplifies the decision-making process.

However, certain elements can also inspire a starting point. Perhaps a striking bed frame captures your interest, serving as the foundation for your design. The bed holds a central role in any bedroom, serving as THE PRIMARY POINT around which the entire design revolves. An upholstered headboard offers a simple yet effective means of infusing color and texture, particularly in smaller spaces.


And then...the bedding and throw pillows are so important to your bedroom decor. Add throw pillows that you can easily switch out with the seasons or as your style changes, and make sure to add a blanket for extra texture too. 


By Nikkie van Leeuwen - January 2024

The winter months can be hard on a psyche, especially after the holidays. At first the winter starts with excitement and preparing everything for the holidays, but after the holidays the days are at this point not only shorter, but also really colder.  


I always start with a big cleaning and together with my husband we organize a special day where we discuss business and private goals for the upcoming time. It gives us lots of energy. To give this period even more energy, warmth and comfort there are a few interior tips and tricks that can help. 

  • Scent is a powerful tool to set the scene of a cozy and warm feeling for example sandalwood, amber and musk;

  • Using more warm “yellowish” light bulbs;

  • Decorate your sofa with extra cushions and use decorative plaids;

  • Use textiles like velvets & wool;

  • Add colors like cinnamon, chocolate and orange tones.


Embrace the winter vibes, before you know it spring is knocking at the door.

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By Nikkie van Leeuwen - December 2023

2024 will be an exciting journey of innovation, creativity and sustainability. Sustainability is not a prediction; it’s already being embraced in the last few years. This trend will remain a prominent theme in home decor. One of the key aspects of this trend is the use of sustainable materials for not only furniture, but also flooring, window treatments and home accessories crafted by skilled craftsmen. 


We're moving away from bright whites and grays toward more creams, browns, rusts, and muted greens. Warm and earthy color palettes, curved shapes, soft textures and squishy furniture will be growing even more in 2024. Think about a sofa with rounded edges, an asymmetrical mirror, curved shapes in vases, but even a wavy headboard in the bedroom.


And yes, the trendy bouclé will continue. In the last years bouclé re-emerged from the 1950s and became the next new trend in contemporary interiors. In 2024 you will also see more sherpa and sheepskin designs in comforting warm tones. All over it's gonna be an exciting year, looking forward to it.  


By Nikkie van Leeuwen - November  2023

As the place you start and end each day, the bathroom is at least as important as any other room in your house…and if I count the hours I already have spent in my bathroom well…it’s quite some time. 


Good bathroom design is essential if you want your new space to work well. Therefore one of the most important considerations when you create your bathroom is who will be using the room most. A master ensuite will have totally different requirements than a family bathroom, for example. 


Don’t forget that any room will become frustrating if it is not user friendly and, in the case of a bathroom, that means you need to consider the amount of storage and especially the location of your storage. I prefer large drawers in combination with some nice baskets that give the bathroom a friendly and warm touch. Small details like your storage, mirror, or bath mat, can elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. I love to use a little place where I collect all my perfume, cotton wool, a little flower and home fragrance to give it a luxurious ‘hotel’ feel. 



By Nikkie van Leeuwen - October 2023

Choosing colors is one of the most important aspects of determining the atmosphere and appearance of your interior. But how to choose the right colors? It's important to create a color scheme that matches your furniture, but also be aware that colors have a strong effect. If you walk into a room your brain will process the colors first. There are many studies about the effect of colors but as we probably know the bright and warm colors like reds, oranges & yellows, they stimulate energy, while cool colors: blues, greens and even purples are soothing and calming. Warm colors are often used in rooms like the kitchen, dining room and living room. In the more relaxing rooms, like for example your bedroom or bathroom, cool colors are used.


If you are creating a color scheme try to include both light and dark colors in your palette. Remember, it's all about the contrasts. If you choose a lot of gray tones, complement it with at least one vibrant color as an accent. If you choose a lot of bright shades, complement it with a gray shade to have a neutral tone. With the correct balance between the right shades, you can achieve impressive results. 

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