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MAISON BIEN BLEU was founded by Nikkie & Youph van Leeuwen. To create a home that gives you energy and enriches your life is their main motivation.  Nikkie has a keen eye for detail, great organizational skills and a fiery passion for interior decorating. 


With more than 15 years of experience in the interior industry she makes your home feel and look like you’ve always dreamed it would. Nikkie worked as an interior stylist with many different international companies and individuals. 


She was a retail entrepreneur: launching and running her own retail concept which received many international awards. Her experience in this industry provides extensive knowledge and a great expertise. 


She is praised for her high-end interior advice and styling. Having an exceptionally creative mind, Nikkie knows how to translate the needs and wishes of clients into the perfect ambiance and is able to catch the essence of a space. 

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Our trading company MBB HOME COLLECTION is managed by Youph van Leeuwen. Responsible for all logistics & purchase management. He has more than 25 year’s international experience in the home & interior industry.  


Youph was the founder of the well-known interior brand ‘LifeStyle Home Collection’ (22 stores and an international wholesale).

He started to create an unique private label for MAISON BIEN BLEU: A timeless lifestyle collection with a classic look and feel combined with unique pieces founded and selected from overseas trips.

Characterized as a visionary in the home & interior industry he works, besides MBB, for international brands in home decoration as a concept developer.

Thanks to the great experience of Youph in this industry he has an established and unprecedentedly large network.