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Full service interior design

Maison Bien Bleu offers total interior concepts and guides from the first plans through to the last styling details. Providing you a personalized and stress-free journey to your dream home in the French Riviera.

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Custom design plans tailored to your unique style, your desires and preferences 

MAISON BIEN BLEU offers total interior concepts and guides from the first plans through to the last styling details with a complete turnkey delivery, if needed. We create spaces that harmonize with the natural beauty of the region, using premium materials and renowned luxury brands. This results in a balanced connection between indoor and outdoor living, providing the quintessential South of France experience. We curate bespoke elegance and thrive on understanding your unique desires, transforming them into stunning realities.


Maison Bien Bleu is a multidisciplinary interior design company led by founder Nikkie van Leeuwen. 

Nikkie has a keen eye for detail, great organizational skills and a fiery passion for interior decorating. With more than 18 years of expertise in the interior industry,  she is offering extensive knowledge and valuable insights. She is praised for her high-end interior advice and styling. Having an exceptionally creative mind, Nikkie knows how to translate the needs and wishes of clients into the perfect ambiance and is able to catch the essence of a space.

Each step of the process, from furniture design plans and finish to the procurement process and installation, is managed by the Maison Bien Bleu team with precision.

With numerous years of interior industry expertise, Maison Bien Bleu provides unique perspectives aligned with your desires, dedicates to realize your vision of your deal home.

Every project is exclusively tailored, reflecting your individual lifestyle preferences and distinct personality.

Our promises

Let’s start working and make your dream home become a reality. We welcome you in our showroom !

Discover endless possibilities in our 200 m2 showroom in Lorgues, a picturesque village in Provence, southern France, just 45 kilometers west of Nice. The showroom has a unique setting and provides visual examples and inspiration to createyour dream home. It’s an ideal space to explore, allowing you to imagine your dream house in the French Riviera.

Free consultation
by Nikkie Van Leeuwen

Interior Design Consultations are the beginning of every design journey. We offer an initial design consultation to help kick-start your interiors planning. Nikkie will help you analyse your needs and look at several solutions to find the one that suits you best.

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Most frequently asked questions 

  • The earlier the better! We aim to join forces with your architect and builder, fostering collaboration for an optimal process. Forming a "dream team" from the outset guarantees a seamless project. Collaborating with the architect, we ensure your home aligns with your lifestyle and design preferences. Engaging an interior designer early streamlines the process, proving more efficient than a later integration.

  • To identify what service better suits you and your lifestyle, there are several key project factors to consider, including time frame, size and scope, budget, and level of involvement. 

  • Absolutely! We love to transform existing spaces with just furniture and furnishings. Whether it's a single room or your entire home, we're happy to assist you. Witness the remarkable transformation that new furniture and decor can bring to any space.

  • Yes we can! When clients engage with us without having chosen an architect and/or builder, we attentively understand their requirements and guide them accordingly. Factoring in their budget, expectations, and the complexity of their project, we leverage our knowledge to recommend suitable builders and architects. We're dedicated to helping you find the ideal professionals for your project.

  • Absolutely! While an architect designs the house from the outside in, we specialize in designing from the inside out. Our focus encompasses all aesthetic decisions, including flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and more. For an optimal new home build, it's essential to have both an interior designer and architect – a recognized "dream team." Their collaborative efforts ensure a space that is both functional and beautifully designed. Don't miss out on the expertise an interior designer can bring to your new build.

  • We offer both Full Service Interior Design & Individual Spaces, each service with its own pricing structure. This structure is flexible and allows us to scale to any project size. We strive to ensure that our pricing remains competitive and reflective of the value and expertise we bring to each project. Once we receive your project details, we will provide an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs.

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